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Strawberry Girls Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Strawberry Girls Lyrics


[Verse 1: Mikey Rocks]

You’re now listening to one of the best
Still in existence
Its in the bag like trick-or-treat
You trick me once and I knew it was me
You get me twice like two in a week
I wouldn’t fall for it
Though I wouldn’t chase a ball for into the street
I let it roll right baby
And we can hear the sock cop
Maybe in the drop top hot rod Z
My pops rock so the apple lay far from the tree
A stop watch couldn’t clock the speed
To get me from a to z without breaking a sweat
So pass the blueberries I ain’t had none yet
Yes we dogs racin’ ladies placin’ their bets
I just walked in, a pair of parrots start talking
Its two birds with a simple mind kind
I was loud I knew they type line by line
A little Buddha might cloud my mind but I’m listenin’

Strawberry girl hanging when its sunny
I see you in the summer when I spend up all my money
Blueberry girls wanna get down
They love the sports car wantchu drive around town
Peach tree girls, a couple down south
Wanna ride shotgun whenever you’re in town
You’re a honey dew melon you ain’t brown when I’m sellin’ right?
Probably cause you come around when you feel like

[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]

The girlies stepping to me, they wanna get some
My name is chuck so uh, you know the outcome
I’m out done I out ran all the not hot ones
Hands up that is not my gun
Dart gun blowin’ over heart thub
(Look a mirror??) hard top like a yellow suede air force ones
On the pedal that you pushin’, push it push it real good
Pick you off the tree try to see if this feels good
Cuz I know it feels great, better than I thought
Before I spend up all my money like look at what I bought
Shit, not me, no mam’ not I
TI said you could have whatever you like
Not me I’m not mean take whatever you see
Whenever you’re free, I’m going to the beach
Put my feet up, Then I blow wind in the trees
You know you feel the cool kids
They cool as a breeze

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