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Gold Links Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Gold Links Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sir Michael Rocks]
We just saying who we say we is
I was at the crib chillin watching BéBé's kids
I'm like, 6 no ices but the goal was thick
Like, Rosie O'Donnel thick
Herringbones and links
You might think that I think that my shit don't stink
But I'm just tryna sell boats so my ship won't sink
Just got the iPhone but my shit won't sync with the MacBook
The backwood blunt gettin split
Can't smoke with us if your lungs ain't fit
Fam, kickstand professional best in the land
Old niggas should invest in the kids
And this old nigga told me when I was like yay high
Stay live lil homie, air jordan play clothes
Hoopin in them Mikes that we got good grades for
Herringbone chain on, half moon fade on
Hurricane jacket same colour as mango

[Hook: Sir Michael Rocks & Chuck Inglish]
I'm back on that gold chain shit
Same old riff raff
I want them gold links outta the glass
Back on that gold chain shit
Cleaner than a whistle
Mitchell and Ness jersey, yes the official
Askin if we got it well we already get you
Now I'mma let it ride if it's not an issue
I'm back on that gold chain shit (2x)

[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]
Bought me an apple that guitars could play
Next thing that you know she'll be on the dance floor
She was looking, and I was looking her back
Forth back and on fourth and long I had to pass
Out the pocket unlock then we scram home
4 flat 40 in the 40 odd dash
Then I hit the end zone, Santonio Holmes
Not like that stupid, that's just where we stopped at
And I was sitting on the corner so I parked
Boo, please don't cut your nails in my car (Nope)
Uh, and I mean that shit
Unclick my seatbelt now I'm sitting on the hood
What's good [?] what's good roll somethin
Hit Lenox Mall, gotta pack and fold somethin
Three polos from the spring [?]
Manilla live cassette tape and the Monte Carlo
Let's roll


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