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The Cool Kids – Full Lyrics

[C] Eh yo Mikey what up?
[M] Yo I'm doin the knowledge Chuck, I'm tryna be full and paid
[C] Well check this out - since William Morris is our agency right?
[M] Yea
[C] [?] Lewis is our agent
[M] Word up
[C] Cake Recordings is the record company
[M] Indeed
[C] So what we rollin in?
[M[ I'm rollin in a Mustang 5.0
[C] So check this out - since we talking over this deaf beat I put together, I wanna hear some of them deaf rhymes, and together we could get full and paid

[Verse: Mikey Rocks]
In the shade cats always try to sun me
If it's sunny then the shades flip face it
Hate is a waste, I'm erasing the bass of the basics
Pencil, stencil come trace this
I mean, darling copy this
Brain slip, put it on a floppy disk
Ain't shit, ah -- let me clear my esophagus
They all throat lozenges, not the cure
But for sure they'll stop some shit
So put the game on pause, they stallin' darlin'
Merlin's magic I toss on rappin'
They say they rhymes is all tens that's y'all talkin'
To me ya songs is all fours like dogs walkin'
Walk with them the hospital a little bed'll probly speed the process
A little ritalin for gentlemen who couldn't sip what I step
They was doin work I was asleep at my desk
Yes, how many z's can he catch?
Dressed like he was ready for recess
Yes, the same Jordans and the Starter that I had when I was 5
Got em back in my size
Said, "Fuck a 9 to 5"
Cause if I rhyme, I can get paid all the time
So no diss to the fish filet
Chuck kick the bass
Cause I'm full and paid

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