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GMC Lyrics

The Cool Kids – GMC Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sir Michael Rocks]
So I’m riding in that 4 door range rover classic
4.6 got damn its Jurassic
The old school box no socks on it either
You don’t need no shoes ‘cause the stocks look cleaner
I'm rolling up pot on top of my beezer
The summertime, I’m in Ibiza
Alpine swimming non-stop up top with the tweeters
Boldy Concreatures said we up freeze up
If you thinking about taking a stab
Pretty girls call me while they taking a bath
And now I’m seeing if she playing so I wait for the laugh
And home girl wasn’t making a splash
I’m like cool then
Moved in like one of your neighbors
The only young runner that can run in the majors
Where I’m from gangbang niggas run with the raiders
And the live guys roll in the blazers

And we both did it up (Rolling on them dishes)
And we posing it up (Waiting on they pictures)
[?] no they won’t eat
Keep dumping like tires on the GMC
Newsflash, that ain’t news to me
Newsflash, I’ma cruise the streets
Newsflash, playing for keeps
Dumping like tires on the GMC

[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]
Best believe it was a hassle to try to find it
As soon as I caught it I heard Mikey hit, like get this
It’s the nicest, it rides like them tires on [?]
That [STN?] got the hydro-lift
That six [?]
Flipping through the low-rider books you can’t touch
Now we walk the steps that they built, we came up
Like the poster of your favorite emcee that you hang up
Use tape cause thumb tacks will tear that thing up
[?] and that Pistons Dennis Rodman
Full size Saab sedans that I was riding in
Me and Rap City TV around 5 pm
Joe Clair and Big Lez was what we watch back then
Yea, now you figure that’s big fours
Cars we [?] for insurance
Uptown air force kicks on the dashboard
We was like 12 back then when we saw it
Flipping through The Source magazine that we bought
Had the old school pockets lunch dollars in our wallets
Figured can’t get a square peg in a round socket
Now they rock anything to ball like Charlie
I crash fours now we running up the court
Give me what you got for it and I’ll trump that up
Up top, roof top, do the smurf and the wop
That’s the go-to move when we step in the spot
Let me show it, baby don’t smoke but she’ll roll it
For all those who want it but can’t pay the tax for it
That’s the point point-guards trying to check the small forwards
Same old song with a brand new chorus


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