Feat. Venom
Vigorous attacks
Sabes que Conejo
Ain't nothing like going out
And handling my business on a stormy night
They don't call me Venom for nothing homey
That's right
You get the grips, I'll get the ranfla
Doing jales, like a shower of torment
Severe damage when I come down storming
Leaving vatos damaged top to bottom
Like the lost missions in the past have fallen
Vatos feel my anger, can't take it anymore
Let's go get the feria, sound the totes of war
The voice of death, I bring poisonous showers
Opponents get no warnings, get devowered
I stay alert, the only plan that works
When I put you in the dirt, don't get caught
Enemigas gotta fall like eighty feet of flag
Epidemic is deadly spreading like a plague
Known fact, the streets run with danger
When you're caught out of bounds, you're a perfect stranger
We collect, and while I'm out rest in peace
In the line of fire, I serve the enemies
Tempist hurricanes, the juras harbor panic
Unseen in the rain, smoking getting at it
I managed, ese get down or get shot down
I think I'm going insane, walking on the calle in the falling rain
Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Stormy nights trouble me with pain
Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain

Stormy nights trouble me with pain
Psychotic weather excecutes the condemded
Periodically precevied with my theory I attempt
When it rains it pours, the crime it soars
Relentless conflict, eternal wars
Precisely my thought's been reflected
Intensive forms, I can feel the storm
And it's bending, for I be
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The Fallen Reign Lyrics

Conejo – The Fallen Reign Lyrics