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Angel Of Death Lyrics

Conejo – Angel Of Death Lyrics

(Man talking)
From here on nothing goes down unless am involved no blackjack no dope deals no nothing a nickel bag gets sold at the park I want in

Crystal ice
Crystal ice
Crystal ice

Fuck that homie get the gat
Enemies wanna creep I lay'em flat on their back
Fuck that I ain't the one'na get jacked
I'm the one who spit real hood class in the shack
And move that multiplying them stacks
Ama upload the vala not letting it calapse
These hoodrats all you bitches get slapped
I was killing some time about the fu that got wacked
Ese nah I ain't with the bullshit
With the homies in the back ese killing the chronic
And I doubt it, it get stronger than this
Ese 99 percent fuckin bullets don't miss
Dismiss, you in the presence
Of a harpy gang member I just thought I would mention
It's a diss and you can rest in piss
Can't fuck with some Gs that ain't givin a shit

The streets cold they so cold you fold
Unecessary plots told you no
They kicked me outta line up shit that's the one
But what they gonna prove when the wind is gone
The streets cold without a weather report
The meth laboratory blew the roof off your home
Get stoned before you pick up that phone
Kanivingass craters got the seed in it's tone

(Frank V)

I walk around like I lost it
Through the cold street were we vatos get frost bit
13 below everybody knows
It's cold in southern califas but there ain't no snow
Every man for himself vatos out for the take
And these evilass hynas cold blooded like snakes
But a vato still standin I just kept to myself
And only heated them up when they steped to my wealth
Then I got snatched up while I was doing my thing
Pigs put me on stage but couldn't make me sing
And in the concrete jungle I remained I survivor
And I carried myself like main light rider
All in the mix with my neck and troubles
But when I hit the bricks my respect was double
Hooked up with conejo the crime spree began
Through the calles of Los pistolas close in hand
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