Gang affiliation, it's a gang retaliation
Case out the joint, then spray the location
Cuz what they don't know, that I refuse to disengage
Conejo meditating, elaborate the phase
Housing eviction, as long as my addiction
Gots to slow down, I'm having homicidal visions
Me and Gato got the clave
Choose your poison, then meet me in the calle
Sniper attacks, then comes the instinct
When crooked juras roam my district
I detonate the verse like a deadly curse
Go down in the books, with la's most (wanted)
[Chorus 2x]
California my way, ese my way
Watch your back, in California
California my way, ese my way
En las calles, California
That's right
That's the way it's going down
Homey can't you tell how many times I been to jail
More than enough, from the tower you get snuffed
And while I'm out, they don't make it
Their minds couldn't take it
Vatos breaking down like it was premeditated

Strolling down the calle, enemigas jam me up
Seen the taca on my neck, then they start to disrespect (where you from ese)
It's like David and Goliath, I set off a riot
Ese want to test me, loco don't even try it (don't even try it)
Dialated eyes, I become a lethal weapon
Involving doors, behind bars fighting wars
Unexplained, in my digital domain
Conejo don't forget, I'm no joke slash no game
[Chorus 2x]
Yo controlo
Adjust it out homey
No condolence ese
See the county bus on the way to the condado
Crossed my mind, in the celda doing time
I shoot this kite, and send it down your way
Gangster dedication, subliminal display
Behind the wall, parolee at th
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California My Way Lyrics

Conejo – California My Way Lyrics