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Mood Swing Lyrics

Colombian Ga-Ga Diaper Dealer – Mood Swing Lyrics

How ya doing?
Tell me about it.
Oohhhh, I'm sorry.

Rum and cokes until you're broke, another bar another joke,
See the pattern, see the trend, banged out coke head till the end,
I've had my drinks, I smoked my mind, I even sniffed a couple of lines,
But I won't let it drag me down, think you're the king but you're the clown,

Bands that you once took on tour surpassed you as you lay on the floor,
Passed out drunk, piss in your pants, you bitter and ungrateful man,
What happened to you? Do you enjoy watching it all slip away?
You're such a god damn fool.

Rum and cokes until you're broke, wash your bullshit down your throat,
Shake it off when morning comes, write it off as having fun,
Self destructive idiot, Mr. Fan meet Mr. Shit,
Your habits shaped a twisted man, delusions hatching in your brain,

The cycle begins where the last one left off,
Your predictable outbursts begin to exhaust,
In the morning you're chilled cool,
A smile on your face,
Into the evening is when the changes take place,
From friend to a dick in 7 drinks flat,
Even a child or a baby would consider you a brat,

Rum and cokes until your broke, another bar another joke,
You're drying up and winding down, time to swim or you may drown,

Can you feel it? Can you feel the mood swing coming?
I can taste it, I can taste it ahaaaaa,

Mood swing
Mood swing
Mood Swing
Mood Swing
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