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I`ve Had Enough Lyrics

Colombian Ga-Ga Diaper Dealer – I`ve Had Enough Lyrics

Pounding down beers and puffing on the bong
Hopped onto a bus and wrote this song
I booked your shows, I journeyed through hell
I sent your emails cause you couldn't even spell
I ordered merch, you never fucking paid
And then you wonder why nothings getting made
The coke must chill to pay the bills
Your snorting t-shirts, have you gotten your fill?
I've Had Enough
Be at your house by a quarter to 4
Showed up on time to fucking bang on your door
3 hours later you finally wake
Poor little baby's got a little headache
You waste my time, why specify a place to be at a particular time
I'm off the clock, I'm punching out
Forgot to tell you but I pissed on your hat
I've Had Enough
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