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Adios! Sayonara! Lyrics

Colombian Ga-Ga Diaper Dealer – Adios! Sayonara! Lyrics

Well what did you lose today? What's first on your list?
You must have holes in pockets, how did it get tho this?
Gil Monte's ring, your self respect are products of you past,
Careful not to lose your head next time it' up your ass,
You lost the van in Pittsburgh and flipped on everyone,
Don't know where you parked it? What are you fucking dumb?
The necklace Uzi gave you is not around your neck, your bracelets
Gone, your flashlight too, you're such a god damn wreck.

Another one gone, Adios! Sayonara!
Your reap what you sow, so then why should I bother
To show you respect when you don't quite deserve it,
Take ownership in your miserable choices.

Another day has passed and surely somethings gone,
Could it be? No wait don't tell me, you lost another phone,
Your wallets in a shoe, that's been missing for a week,
Right next to your glasses like retarded hide and seek,
Your credit card and gerber knife no longer in your hand,
It's ok they'll be replaced like members of your band,
Your hat is gone, your pants are too somewhere in Ralphs Diner,
Your habu saki left behind in a big old jet airliner.


Somewhere, in some distant land,
In a parallel world maybe covered in sand,
Is a pile of crap growing higher each day,
Filled with products of you from your hair brained way,
The people who played, some were your friends,
Stacked right on top of your odds and your ends,
A butt load of socks, a guitarist who rocks,
I'm sure you won't lose the lie that you bought.

Your lies,
Add up,
You're gone,
Off course,
A clue,
By booze,
You lose,


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