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Isolated Incidents Lyrics

Citizen Fish – Isolated Incidents Lyrics

In the silence of next door
Lives a man fought in the war
Wary eyes through parted curtains
Seems Ok but can't be certain

Uneasy feeling uninformed, or
Out of touch it's, well, abnormal
Maybe chat with that chap later
Meanwhile need to read the paper
S** and fashion, competitions
Popstars praising politicians
Amusement park for our derision
So assured of our position -
None of it to do with us

And now the turning of the page
Produces yet another bomb
Distorted children's faces freeze
Where's the next one coming from?

Isolated incidents
Everyday events

Bombs and guns in daily doses
Fashion-nation with psychosis
Public trials of private loners
Staring blank into the cameras
Feeds a need for reassurance
Civilisation's working for us
Takes a bomb to show the crack, and
All we see is more distraction

Headlines - violence, war and s**
Disintegration nothing left
Of civilisation - here's the news
It's what we get accustomed to
Unaware of getting used to
Being scared of other people

If the world is going crazy
Staying in could be essential
Staying in could be essential
Staying in could be essential
Staying in could be essential

(Where've I seen that face before?
Someone new moved in next door
Next in the line of next door neighbours
Maybe get to meet him later)
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