Bob goes bouncing down the road to Bremen
24 hours goes to fast
Drinks in elbows - crowded bars
Mixing becks and kummerling
6 A. M. And where are we? In Bremen
In Bremen, in Bremen

Bob goes bouncing down the road to Oakland
Coffee, pizza, liquor, store
Sits in the sun it's California get brown get down to the bay
All the punks come out to play in Oakland
In Oakland, in Oakland

Bob goes bouncing down the road to Bath
Goes to the heart of the west country
Where the grass is yellow and the cider's green
- I reckon it's the other way round -
Bubbling up from the underground in Bath

Bob met a friend of a friend of yours
Bob got a letter and wrote some more
Bob saved up and got the plane
Now Bob's in the kitchen going insane
Bremen, Oakland, Bath and on
Cos it don't matter where you come from
If you think this is it you're in for a shock
Cos the whole fuckin' planet is a big punk rock!
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The B.O.B. Song Lyrics

Citizen Fish – The B.O.B. Song Lyrics