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Get Off The Phone Lyrics

Citizen Fish – Get Off The Phone Lyrics

Someone phoned and said "hello?"
And for about, well hum, I dunno
A few split seconds I thought "Oh no"
"I know that voice"... So I said real slow
"Uh yes?" Who could it be?

Of course it turned out
There was no room for doubt
It was you all along
It's just that your voice
Was covered in noise
That didn't belong

You said "Don't mention my name
I got something to say.
The police came around
About ten minutes ago
They got my address book
And you aught to know,
They we're asking weird questions
About what I believe
And reading my fanzines
And your record sleeves. "

I said "Get off the phone
I don't think we're alone,
I keep hearing these noises
They're tapping my phone.
They're searching your house
And now they'll search mine,
They'll pull us all in
If they get enough time.
If you've done nothing wrong
They'll make up a crime,
They'll say you're unbalanced
Cos you went out of line.
There's no freedom to move
Unless it's forward or back
And you can't speak your mind
Cos your phone's being tapped.
But we know all these things
So we have to react.
They're not defending our freedom
It's blatant attack,
They take all our freedom
And give nothing back.
They take all our freedom"
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