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On My Mind Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – On My Mind Lyrics

Cdot man, you already know I'm coming
It's a lot on my mind finna get that shit out

Came in this bitch with nothing
Still ain't got shit I ain't frontin
Don't trip bitch that shit comin
Mopstick don't trip its boming
Not 1 shot that whole clip coming
Big roll but a hoe get nothing
A hoe know that but a hoe keep fuckin
Fuck school in that bitch everyday playing cards in the halls
I ain't really learn Shit
Mama died now I gotta earn rent
Me and bro flip anything we get
Hit licks split everything we get
Niggas haten trying to rob we on every car they sent
Aye I need every fucking cent
Nigga owe me bread I need everything I lent
Now everybody on my dick, now my bitch think Ima leave
If I get a deal but I won't cause that bitch super real
I was broke we was both going half on meal
Fucked up you know I remember that
On a real I ain't never forgetting that
We be takin niggas bitches they be hatin dat
Fuck hoes send em back you know them hoes hate that
Feel like I'm loosing my mind I'm runnin out time when it's really my time
Can't give these bitches my time
They losin they mind cause they think it's my time
My mind on my money, my money on mind
Don't run I'm committing a crime
357 6 innat bitch we pull up and shootin a vine
I use to have NBA Dreams
Now Gotta stay wit a thing wit a beam
Feelin so safe wen its with me
My baby jus told me stay focus She wit me
Tryna stay focus but all thru my city they steady be killin shit
If you a fan betta say the shit
Don't walk up on me Like broski ain't peelin Shit
Smoke dope til I ain't feelin shit
If I didn't Prolly b loosin it
Thinking bout how mama gone and my granny gone
I can't do the shit
Suckin dick then she uber home
Ima asshole know I blew the bitch
2 4s smoking out the zip
Too high finna wreck the whip
Hope my mama see I'm crackin now
Even tho she rather see a cap and gound
Stay focus I cannot slip
Ain't no beat that I cannot rip
Ain't no bitch that I cannot hit
And ain't no whip 4nem cannot flip
Leg shots make a nigga skip
Make a nigga dance like a nigga strip
Couple bands in a nigga pant
If up this she gon drop ha lip
Teacher told me I wouldn't be shit
If she had a daughter I fuck the bitch j
On my mind so much on my mind
Little time nigga gott grind
Ima get it stay in patient wit it
We gon get it shit we gotta get it
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