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Takeover Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – Takeover Lyrics

Whatever I want I’m copping
She wanna kick it and ride with a nigga
Where ever I stop she topping
Roc know he ready to slide with a nigga whenever I nod he moppin
Sweepin yo shit up
Big box Chevy pull up eating yo shit up damn
Nigga want war we never do get up hundred round eating yo crib up
Bitch tryna slide whenever we get she know she eating this dick up
She’ll be lucky if I even beat it up too high to even be seeing her
She wanna talk about why I can’t be with her last time I probably be seeing her
(Get off my line with all that clown shit)
4nem sliding super soakers in them Ford motors
Make yo bm stuff that work up in that Ford Taurus
With them honchos ain’t no hero’s it’s like 5 Jokers
No more liters at that Citgo I bought 9sodas
She mad she cannot get a lot of me
She know that guap getting all of me
Whatever I’m in got a lot of speed
Can’t stop for the cops got a lot of weed
4nem be buying hell of fans pull up I swear you gone catch a breeze
Pull up I swear you be catching z’s
Skrt off it’s over for catching me
Aye bitch I’m on Vincennes in a Benz new 2017 breaking that it
Tryna stay away from the law they on my dick they don’t want me to win
That bitch already know what I’m on she don’t want me around none of her friends
Them hoes already know how I’m coming and they don’t even really wanna be with they man
Aye I really be stuck in a daze
She just suck on my dick and she never get shit I really be fucking amazed
Givenchy my fit my auntie ah flip if she ever knew what I paid
Aye 4nem might slide in yo shit empty and dip you dont know what they sprayed
That bitch just told me to slide I told her alright, she’ll be waiting for days
All in yo crib while you sleep not an alarm you’ll awake to K’s
I am not a hero I be too high to go save them days
Don’t give a fuck where she go I got to go bitch fade away bitch
Get that dome then I’m gone on the shortest notice
In that 2 door watch it vanish call it Hocus Pocus
Bitch I’m holding you ain’t know it shit you had to notice
In that R8 leave that dust up on yo Ford Focus
I walk in the mall with a knot on me
I leave out that bitch with a knot on me
My bitch just got us another bitch I’m taking them both on a shopping spree
Marco just bought him another clip and that bitch ah send yo ass overseas
Pockets be getting that Hercules
Run up you catching a 100 piece

Honcho honcho honcho honcho
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