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Here (Outro) Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – Here (Outro) Lyrics

Never thought I’d be here
Be wishing my mama could be here
My bitch been here when wasn't shit near
She help a nigga get shit squared
The guys been riding till we get there
Roc slide betta hide wen he get there
Everything don't be fair take that for that shit won't be there
No gwap can't sleep there
You a never catch me there
Why focus on having hoes? whole time i ain't really get shit there
Let me focus on me now
Interviews, bad hoes tryna meet there
Labels hit me gotta turn shit down
It ain't more than 5 0s I see there
Chi-raq south side we there
Not many heroes you’ll see there
It ain’t shit but me in my zone
Catch me before the drugs cause when I do em leave me alone
I take off with a new whore, check in wit her, left there alone
My bitch just went thru my phone
I don't know the hoes leave me alone
I don't think you want that smoke
You start it Roc ain't gone leave it alone
Walk in bag tag along
We barely speak but she a freak her bff tag along
Walked in that bag tag along
We neva speak but she a freak
Ha BFF tag along
I smoke that gas I push that jeep til CPD come along
Used to be broke couldn't get no weed til the next week come along
I wake up get to the cash
Remember was taking phones tryna negotiate wit the the Arabs
I look back at it and laugh
I'm on my way you can't fuck up my path
Try it you might get a bath
Think you know but you don't know the half study me like it be math
I got it all and she won't get a half
She store this dick in her abs
I put a tear in eyes
Better off wit one the guys
Pull up catch one of yo guys
I run it up for the fam
Short on my time I send one of the guys
Still can’t believe that I’m here my haters saw it they wasn’t surprised
We got smoke if they decide
Pull up they dead on arrival
I got to shit on my rivals
I got to get in my bag
We got a clip when we slide through
Been through some shit in the past
Got to do what I’m designed to I cannot sit on my ass
Niggas ain’t want me to out due but I’m finna get on they ass
I’m finna get on they ass
Niggas ain’t know this the outro I got some shit for they ass

Honcho honcho honcho honcho
Niggas ain’t know this the outro I got some shit for they ass
Cdot man
Takeover the mixtape bitch
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