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Honcho Style 3 Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – Honcho Style 3 Lyrics

Ay, bitch

Finna skrt off from Chase like I robbed it, ay
No I ain't make a deposit
I'm withdrawing
Pull up and .40's be quick drawn
And no I don't never reply to a diss song
Smoke you and go get a sirloin
I can't trust none these niggas so hop off my d-note
That's why my tec got a string on
I just walked out of Saks and my shoes like a thousand tho
Saw you in there, you was browsing tho
She be sucking my dick then I gotta go
Swear to god you fuck that bitch for a hour long
Why all of these hoes want my time
I can't give her that
Fuck 'em and never remember that
4nem slidin', don't care where yo niggas at
Wherever you at, swear to god they’ll enter that
I got bitches from everywhere
Outta the country tho
Speaking in language I never know
And bro gotta scope on the top like a telescope
Make 'em go live like a Periscope
I give that bitch D, know I let her go
Where that bitch headed
On 4nem I never know
I'm knowing that she just be round for the money tho
She suck my dick with a buddy tho
In the trap with a .50, no back up
Nigga you run and I'm fucking yo back up
I'm leaning, I'm mixing that act up
If that bitch thick, then I'm fucking her back up
A nigga want smoke, then you know he go overboard
4nem gon slide like a hoverboard
A nigga just mad cuz I'm fucking his sista tho
She just suck dick, need another hoe
Ay, broski just left out the shop with the cooling kit
Act up, they turn to a hooligan
And he ain't got aim, so he brought him a hunnid round
Pull up, it shooting like Vujacic
Cannot waste all of my time on a stupid bitch
Rather cash out on some stupid shit
That drank know it's taking my bankroll
Uzi, I swear I ain't thinking 'bout Dracos
Pull on yo block in that muh fuckin' SRT8 tho
Hop out with shit off of Halo, ay
All of my bitches be bringing me bitches
I swear to god, none of 'em gay tho
Ay, a nigga a player, a bitch tryna play us
A family be sending her prayers
Ay, a nigga so rare, a nigga gon' stare
This choppa be goin' through layers

Bitch. Ay

I hop in that Lamb, push start it, ay
Push that bitch like I'm retarded
Marco spit like it retarded, ay
You spent a check on that bitch
I get that pussy regardless, ay
She know a nigga so heartless, ay
You know she goin' regardless, ay
Pull up my truck in the front
It's a party wherever I park it
I be smokin' wherever I spark it
From the bottom, a nigga just started
Marc in the cut and he waiting on anything
.223 goin' through anything
These bitches be mad cuz they never get anything
They get this dick they be worshipping
Niggas know 4nem do not be with chattering
They just be all with the splattering, ay
Hop in the game and get straight to mastering
Winning if you think we battling
That drank gotta nigga so crazy, no panicking
Try it, them killings be happening
Gang in this bitch with the irons like Iron Man
Let that bitch play like a violin

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