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Interlude Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – Interlude Lyrics

Sup niggas? Aye niggas living you aight? Everything good out here?

Uh huh

What’s up baby?

Goog, good, good. How you feeling?


Got that money for me man? I gotta make moves

Yeah I got it


But not all of it

What you mean, you ain’t finished?

I got robbed yo

Got robbed around the block. Around the block man

The fuck you mean you got robbed man? Who robbed you?

Come on man, that nigga Duff

That nigga Duff? This nigga Duff run up on you man, and take your shit?

And my piece man

You had your fucking gun on you man? What the fuck is wrong with ya’ll niggas? Ya’ll niggas standing out here like Three Stooges of Harlem or som’n B? You gon’ let this nigga come and take your shit, ain’t you a motherfucking man? You gon’ let another man take your shit B? You done lost your privilege of getting any money man, until you show me where that man is at. ‘Till you find that man you dead up here man. You dead man, aight? You hear what the fuck I’m saying man? Now get the fuck off my stoop man. Go ‘head man, go find that man B. Go find him B, ‘less you like being broke nigga. Go this way man. Aye, man go this way man. Go that way man. Them niggas don’t seem to understand me out here B. Nobody playing games on these streets. Ya’ll niggas better hold it down out here, aight? Ya’ll niggas gon’ be looking work in motherfucking Queens or some shit like that. It’s Harlem man. Ya’ll niggas better hold it down B
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