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Unda Dat Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – Unda Dat Lyrics

[TrellGotWings Bitch]

Aye I just put my bitch up on fleek
Told her shut up whatever she bitchin at
Niggas hate so they block gettin bent
We can light up wherever you kick it at
Where I made it just so far up unda that
Fucked up but I came up from unda that
I might skrt off the lot in a Masi
Tell the police 'the fuck is y'all lookin at?'

Fucked up but I came up from unda dat
Fucked up but I came up from unda dat
Fucked up but I came up from unda dat
Where I made it just so far up unda dat (2x)

(Hocho Gang Shit Bitch)

[Verse: 1]
Your bitch top me off in a Masi
Then I make that bitch bounce like hydraulics bro this not a regular vehicle, hit the gas twice and that bitch pop a Ollie
With a 30 I swear I ain't missing you one of these bitch's go into your body
Heatseekers no problem they seeking you then I go smoke & fuck me on a bitch or 2
Bitch I feel like I'm Melo at Syracuse but I'm so high so I feel like a parachute
Too much dope got me looking like Lucy Liu
One in your eye have you lookin like Fetty do
& it's gang in this bitch much move the fuck over
Smelling like zips I could walk in this bitch sober
My wrist start to look like a crayola
If you want war at your door like the Jehovah's
My plug on the line tryin to ship over, over like that in 2 days it will be flipped over
Your bitch on my line tryin to sleep over
Bitch I don't sleep, chase that money til I'm over
At the top you just so far up unda dat
Marko retarted he blow til its none in that
If I fuck on your bitch she be runnin back
She know I'm holding but really get none of that


(Honcho, Honcho, Honcho)

[Verse: 2]
Off a 4 bitch I'm so far under
Fonem leave em 6 feet under
Four freaks just me & rubbers
4 hoes on me I'm Iman Shumpart
Aye I like your bitch cause she nasty
Fuck her & giver her back gladly
& you know I be actin a ass
Now my belt bout a grand & my shoes is from Bally
Smokin that gas straight from Cali
Skrt off like I'm in a rally
Push that bitch like it was stolen
That bitch want some (?) Imma leave her heart broken
Give a fuck bout a bitch & emotion, these bitches ain't they leave pussy wide open
Bitch I'm ballin like I be wide open, talk to this 40 that bitch is out-spoken
I run in your crib with them lasers out, looking for racks if you got it then take it out
My bitch super bad cannot take her out & I get cash so these niggas wanna take me out
When I came in that shit it's so over
Marko he thirsty I though I done told ya
That 30 round clip slump you over
Run up in here put your ass on a poster

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