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Battle For Asgard Lyrics

Cannibal Ox – Battle For Asgard Lyrics

[Verse 1: L.I.F.E. Long]
Into the war of the worlds, where cities twirl
L.I.F.E. Long shaking planets for the gems and the pearls
Conquering lands when I spit out and hurl words
It's a Stronghold writer's guild, Cannibal Ox take over your herd
We planted our flags on your soils
Despoiling opponents with turmoil
Only wrap, won't spit in the aluminum foil
We potent with rounds lit out similar to triggers pulled on religions
I was there when it all first sparked
Jersey next to poisonous darts
Camoflauged with the dark, to blend in with the scenery
Snatch your whole team's referee machinery
Before knowin I landmine spot blowing
Throwing heads off tracks, smackin em with an open palm
Bitch slap
Make your whole body feel it when I spray
The battle's just begun, it gets deeper as the song plays

[Verse 2: Vordul Mega]
Mega with his arms folded
Fists balled up
Toast on the side of my waist
V on the buckle of the belt
Rappin' hell
Cape flowin'
Still standin'
With two cannons
1 3 2 got me vanished
Ninja in the night with the phantoms
Amped up, set off operas
See rays blast from the optics
Living in fucked up ghetto economics
Spit from the voice box, nasty with sonics
Animals released out of boxes
Plus we got that Stronghold on the throat
That'll leave you all gone on the float
Split belly cause you off the boat

[Verse 3: C-Rayz Walz]
The battle for Asgard and we fight as Gods
Shatter your glass cage into a thousand crystal shards
I stayed in the basement, like the Krueger Kid
Shut the city down like Chabad-Lubavitch
Your stupid clique wrestle warlocks
The audience backed you
I drank eight ounces of water
With my time capsule
Wrote rhymes with Father Times on Mother Nature's fabric
A hard rock, I descended from stone tablets
Juggle your bones and poems of my deceased foes
Who couldn't bounce from spot to spot like weak toes
Allow me to surf on your brain waves with jet skis
Unless you want your wrists to part like the red sea
On the roof of hell, you got stomped by angel's feet
But you can't be down, you had gravity deficiency
(We spit thoughts!)
I translate harpoons to sharp death
When the point is made, from my underwater breath
Don't get walls confused with linoleum
And try to cut my square like a scared custodian (Know me son!)
Every bite upon, I told you not to get it on
But you still drink a hose with a broken magic wand
Strong Atoms, whole family dear
To duplicate and recreate could take a light year
Squeeze your head into a sneaker, lace your face
Throw you in a black hole, make you swim through space

[Verse 4: Vast Aire]
We mind-bogglin', spine-tinglin'
Got the stroll of Galactus now I'm planet-swallowin'
Megala's got the surfboard and he's hollerin'
All arch-enemies must die
And I know you not unbreakable son, that's a lie
And you can't have my 3.14, that's my Pi (Stupid!)
I'm a diamond in the rough, and you're Lucy in the sky with a Cubic
Your raps don't do it
I deal with cloud nigga patrol
Plus my real name is closer to Thor's than yours
Where we practice there is no flaw
This is the battle for Asgard (Say no more)
Atoms fam and Stronghold, nuclear clamp the mic
And you and your best friend don't even sound tight
I guess something ain't right
We like constellations when they close in
The lost sons of Odin
With a mouthful of parables to get 'em open
But the psionic imagery'll leave 'em frozen
I used to outdo cats like you in my lunch period
Then conversate with the burning bush about a period
And bust through your ego like the hymen line of scrimmage
Life's the goal, your warning comes in two minutes

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