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Water Lyrics

Cannibal Ox – Water Lyrics

Water symbolizing the motion
Everything we going through looking forward
Days getting closer
As we know truths
Ups and downs
Hoping to get around
Holding knowledge
Being aware of our surroundings
Everyday we go through it trying to get grown
Moving at a steady pace
Mapping out better ways with a handle on visionary plains
Prepared for things
We all ready for this

I rock my, hell I made it wet suit stitch
So I can swim in elevators crazy wet through piss
With my head above water (Water)
I can hear the silence of the lambs
So tonight I'm going to sell another gram
We them latch key kids
We going go HAM
That's hard as a mother
Hot in the winter time, cold in the summer
Damn we had to scram
DT's is undercover
We used to wind up guns like toys
Grandma never did like them boys
She used to say, "Theodore be mature
Pay your dues settle your chores"
You know the universe know the law
When you don't do the wisdom you cultivate the flaws
But I'm here to built floors
Meet me at the gate
I got the keys to the door

Stay together through stormy weather
With long sweaters
Family gone forever
Without settling feelings
Pray for things to get better
Dealing and as the wheels turn
Mission to keep it clear
To move forward
Periodically staring through the rear view
Persevering the work out
Turf Chimera
In the meantime
Nudging the pain with life's line in the curve
Wanting the game
Trying to earn what we really cherish
Excited when we manage survival
Given value for living in certain pressure
We never feel impressed pressed up against the wall
Envision less of until the curtain lets up
While breakfast circulating
Wants to be consolidated
Through constant hatred
It's claim behaving
Swamped in a part of consolation while somebody
Trying to conjured man
Knowing that it's hard to make it
Can't disregard when it becomes an immense task
While somebody trying to save face like a fence mask
Try to get past family without a purpose
Getting creative more than just on the surface
Trying to stay above the water while surfing
Every turf nursing deep ambition
Keeping distances
And he get him quick with
Few resistances
Speaking vicious
When I ease with it (With it)
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