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Carnivorous Lyrics

Cannibal Ox – Carnivorous Lyrics

[Verse 1: Elzhi]
Lions, tigers, gators oh my
They rattlesnakes necks no lie
Call that a bow tie
They hustle grams
Hope these dudes don't look at you
And see food
Cause even man with huge muscles clam
Slugs didn't move at a snail pace
When he sparked it
Your dog died then was found hog tied
Behind a flea market
In the forest where they air the streak
Grip on the hawk
And walk with a chip on they shoulder like a parakeet
For that success right now that few approach
Cause life's ills will make you
Turn a white owl into a roach
They think it's fly to bear arms
Like an octopus
Move everything from rocks to Kush
Even what the doctors push
They keep the fiends
In their bed buggin' that bites
Chicken heads in fishnet stockings
Pull Glocks in cat fights
Don't be a fool bridging the gap for the pigs
Just three blind mice
Cause a rat is teachers pet turned stool pigeon

[Chorus: Bill Cosmiq]
Hunger at the core
Cannibal tore us
So prey walk cautious
(On the island of grime)
Realigned ox cutters
Will defend my shrine
(on the island of grime)

[Verse 2: Vordul Mega]
Licking my paws
The foamy
The remains of cartilage
On the forest floor
Watching hunters sit on the horse
They move with adrenaline and force
Intent for a main course
To fulfill what's in my veins coarse
And remain cautious
Seeking more
Enabling all fours
Still blood on the jaw
Alluding from being up in the mass
After viewing the scenery
Becoming adaptable
Cutting through grass
With retractable claws
Had the forest look of rain and leaves
While gaining speed
Maintaining extreme balance
With the mechanics of a cheetah
Behind me the sounds of people
Police and golden retrievers
Off of they leashes
As I came across it there
Steady my breathing
And proceeded to
Pounce and devour
Swallow the pieces

Cannibal tore us
So prey walk cautious
(On the island of grime)
Realigned ox cutters
Will defend my shrine

[Verse 3: Vast Aire]
Is it on(yo)
(on the island of grime)
Is it on(yo)
It's me
Vast Aire the anti fraud
There's no mystery God
Or Scooby Doo fog
You could be a crab or a slob
I'm Jimmy Neutron
My gun go hard
And at the game of life
My team plays rough
We don't got to believe you
That hard look ain't enough
It's probably a bluff
You make one false move
And its probably a snuff
I know cats that's starving
That's why I got
Hounds in Brooklyn
Wolves in Harlem
You don't have no heart
Why'd you start
You know I got bears in the Bronx
And every time the wind change
Imma spit game to a bad dame
A punk bitch
Giving me bad brains
I'm the most interesting man in the world
I sip on Dos Equis
And sleep with two girls

Crimson Gods
Bill Cosmiq on the boards

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