You piss in the sink
Shower in the toilet
Who wants to know much more
You moan at chores
You bring up boars
What sort of cracked woman are you
No one knows what I've been told
I've been told you're very bold
What a shame you've got a bad name

Ah bah, ah bah ah bah
Who needs you
Ah bah, ah bah ah bah
Who f'n needs you
You're not wanted by me

You drive a scooter you honk the hooter
At male passerbys that you like
You suck at all sports and you've got a lot of warts
And you've never had a boyfriend in your life
You tried to commit suicide
But no matter how hard you tried
You hung yourself and nearly died
That's what you get for commiting suicide

No one needs you no one wants you
You're unwanted, who needs you
Not me
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You're Not Wanted Lyrics

Blacker – You're Not Wanted Lyrics