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Stay Focused Lyrics

Black Smurf – Stay Focused Lyrics

[Intro: Paid in Full]
'Sup, niggas?
How you niggas livin'? You all a'ight? Everything good out here?
What's up, baby? Good, good, good
How you feel, baby?
Got that money for me, man? I gotta make moves
Yeah, I got it, but not all of it, yo
What you mean, you ain't finished?
I got robbed, yo
Park it around the block! Around the block, man!
The fuck you mean you got robbed, man? Who robbed you?
That nigga, Duff
Nigga Duff? Let this nigga Duff up on you, man, and take your shit?
And my piece, man
You had your fuckin' gun on you, man? What the fuck is wrong with y'all niggas?

[Verse 1]
On the Grind for my fam grind for my set
Keep my eyes on my woman hands on my chick
Dark red in my eyes pride in my chest
All hail Hustle God king in the flesh
Its like I gotta get this cash so I'm not depressed
My niggas slide wit that 9 it don't got no kick
Heard you didn't grind for your spot you just rode some dick
I went from 0 to 100 such a magic trick
She went from sight to a slut like Pamela Anderson
You go from paid to being broke or tryna chase the bitch
See when that mulah in my hand I'm mucho masculine
Try me oh my you won't survive explode your abdomen
Walk like a boss talk like a boss but yous an applicant
You think your squad compare to mine now thats inaccurate
You make a move the Waterboyz will sink your battle ship
Then hustle family mafia come and wreck some shit
Say that's your bitch but in her mouth is my ejaculant
Hustle God like Dracula no I'm not average bitch
Just smoking trees till I feel like I'm inanimate
Must keep this focus otherwise why be inadequate

[Outro: Paid in Full]
Look here... you saw that jonesin' motherfucker that just ran out of here? That's my clientele
That's real money right there
Like... like what?
I just made enough dough to bake biscuits for the projects, nigga
Try a quick $800 in one day
The fuck are you shrugging for? There's something wrong with your back?
Look. This here is a hundred a pop. Only niggas with real dough fuck with this
And that's all yours?
Hell, yeah, this is all me!
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