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Parental Advisor Lyrics

Bedtime For Charlie – Parental Advisor Lyrics

One step in the illusion of a 24/7 pleasure
The self inflicted perversion in watching others do the things we'd want.
Selected advertised teenagers with blood shot eyes.
Craving for a better view. And lying to their self's it's something new.

We're fueled by the obsession of a sexual paradise.
We hope that no one's listening.
It's the story of our life. The story of my life.

Amatorial, pov, lesbo, milfs and one on threes.
We all hated two girls one cup. My best friend watched it all then he threw up.
How much time can we waste on sloppy websites and bad taste
Pornography? This can't be right. There must be better ways to spend our nights

Than watching girls bend over. To set us all on fire.
I guess it's just our way to fill in for our sexual denial.
Porn industry's depending on male subjects demanding.
Absorbing. Searching for shelter on the net.
Where you find more than on tv.
On vhs' or magazines
Dreaming digital interactivity.
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