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Good Luck Lyrics

Bedtime For Charlie – Good Luck Lyrics

Remember that time I used to do what no one else had done
That ruined my holiday in the sun
Trying to impress you was always on my list set in first place
It was cool of you to never laugh in my face
Smile in a dumb way and give you all the flyers of my shows
This happened quite a few times in a row
Kind of pathetic I hoped you would eventually show up
While staring at my image in a cup

How could this girl screw up my life?
But it's ok not that bad
It's like the best times I the best times I never had

That's just the way things go so dry
Your runny nose good luck for everything so once again
Stay home and do nothing put stickers on your bed
Good luck for everything

Remember those days when we stole action figures at the mall
It seemed like we had no problems at all
Riding our bikes out and laughing just at anything we could
While listening to all our favourite songs
We didn't have regrets for anything we did or said
There's nothing better than a friend to make those gray days pass
By quickly tomorrows just weren't on our minds too busy finding snack
Supplies I guess I'd do it all again I guess I'd do it all again

But now those days are passed and gone
At least I can look back
Those where the best times I the best times I've ever had

How long will I march inside this parade
Another year another day
I did my service but I didn't get payed
I won't complain... I won't complain

Good luck for everything
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