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It Ain't About The Music Lyrics

Bedtime For Charlie – It Ain't About The Music Lyrics

Stop and take a look around.
You'll find out this ain't about the music that we grew to love
"Watson what where we thinking of?"
Killers of our own belief glowing green eyed slaves to our greed
Monsters obscuring the sun laughing at what our dreams have become.

What happened to the scene? "it sucks cock on national TV".
Where you thought how to sing and dance or did you stand there waiting for an answer

Wake up.
Talented under exposed.
True procrastination pros
Crossers of deadlines.
Wake up now.
Speaking back at present tense.
Too short to climb over the fence.
Winners of our time.

This ain't about the music it's about incomes and benefits
The beast has to be fed "with punk rock jokes and metal heads"
Chewed and crunched by rusty jaws. Still unaware starting rounds of applause
And giving it up for those who think it's about tats and fancy clothes
A shirt a pair a shoes a fucking pose
Is that all that we're standing for?

Wake up
From their plastic paradise
One last chance to say goodbye
Buried in the dirt.
Wake up now.
Pull your head out of the sand
Come back from never never land
Sing for better days.

Maybe now that you've felt what it's like you'll know what it means to be
Caught inside a sixteen feet high golden cage with no escape and nowhere left to hide
The victim plays the villain in this part. Roy Sheider is the shark.
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