Held a Staff as he Entered the Fog
He showed his Bravery
Escaping from the Beatings and Lashings
Of Modern Slavery
He cut the Tracking Device
Lost a thumb but it was Packed in Ice
A Magnesium flint Fire
Popping off for Boiling Rice
He camping out
His Breakfast consisted of a River Fish
He fashioning some boots
Out of Banana Leaves to Troop the Mish
A Trail of Thorns
He found a Cave by out cove where Whales are Born
He stumbled across a Double Headed baby Calf
A Male Deformed
On the Run
He knew what time it was According to the Sun
It slowly started sinking In
Exactly what it was He Done
Escaped his Shackles
Had to choke a priest up in a Tabernacle
Protein from Grub Worms
He Gathered up from Rotted Apples
Straight Survival
Gobs of Drops of Rain that drops with quick Arrival
Exposure to the Elements
He black and white from Vitiligo
Had a Cape On
Arrows flying through the Woods head Straight for Em
The Sounds of Dogs Barking
Starting Dipping but he Stayed Calm
A horror Dream
Direction he was running was a Steep Ravine
He started having Flashes of his Feeble Life
But not a Dream
It Felt so Real
Adrenaline was squirting bringing Spring to Heels
The Chariots of the Gods were in the Sky
Just like Ezekiel's Wheels
They Shone so Bright
That it was day as he was Dipping through the Night
His tattoo's were Showing the Eagle and Sword of Scottish Rite
Could smell the Heat
The Mossy Surface under him was Rotting Peat
The bundle of Belongings that He Carried
Was Assembled Neat
He slipped on Slate
Sliding down the Mountain in a Panicked State
Limestone was falling and Crumbling 'neath his Average Weight
The Drop was Great
He fell on top an Algae Bloom inside a Lake
A woman Staring at him the moment when he back Awake
She fished him Out
He did Three Weeks in a coma Passed Out
When he came To
That's when he Tweaked and He start to Spazz Out
The House was Wooden
Flipped over the Table splattering some Pudding
Opened up his mouth to Yell
That's when she put her Foot In
(Are you Crazy? Calm down, you owe me one I Saved your Life
Pay me Back by Letting me Walk with you as your Humble Wife)
She thick as Hell
And she cook up food with the Intent to Feed
The s*** look inside her eyes
Was Loving she was Yet to Breed
The Man Agreed
(Some Men were looking for me, I was being chased
I will marry you but we Need to Leave this Unsafe Place)
Got to Vacate
She dragged them half a Mile from where he Fell
They were Both Covered in Clay
Throwing Hounds off from the Smell
The Love was Good
They'll Never Find them this Deep in the Dense of Woods
Months passed by and He thought that he shook them off for Good
He settled Down
Built a Bamboo house High up in the Leaves
His wifey was Pregnant and Gathering twigs to Basket Weave
He heard her Shout
Came back her legs were spread Eagle
She was pushing while she Screaming
(God Absolve me of my Evils
In the name of the King this is Vengeance!)
Out Came his Screaming Seed
(I never Loved you this in Fact will by my Final Carnal Deed!)
She grabbed the Baby
(In the Name of the King!)
Grabbed the Dagger cocking back
Stabbed the throat Split it open on Contact
Out Came the babies Brains
(He wanted you to Feel this type of Raw Pain!)
She stabbed Herself he staring at Em
Both Cadavers fresh Slain
The babies Gasping
In Pool of Blood the Mothers hand was Clasping
Pictures of the King
With a Sprig of Flowers from an Aspen
Got him Good
Escape was out the Question because he Never Could
He had to take her with Him
That's his main regret he Never Should
He had to live the Rest of his Days
In Mental Anguish
He was Banished so Famished
The Brother forgot his Language
No more Men no more Them no Peace and no Zen
He was Never Mentioned or Heard from Again
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Trail Of Thorns Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Trail Of Thorns Lyrics