There's something special about it
Just what, I can't quite say
But there's no doubt that it's different
From any other day
There are no words to exactly describe
What I'm speakin of
Its just a sweet sunday kinda love

Well read the funnies together
And watch some T. V. Too
You can do something for me
And I'll do the same for you
Well fill the hours with things
That we both most like to do
Spending a sweet sunday lovin you

Why don't we unplug the phone?
Lets pretend nobodys home, quietly
Just you and me, oh how nice that will be

All through the week I'll look back upon that
Sweet sunday time
While looking forward to that special happiness
Well find
When we awaken to hear from a songbird up above
Sounds of a sweet sunday kinda love
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Sweet Sunday Kinda Love Lyrics

Beach Boys – Sweet Sunday Kinda Love Lyrics