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Fanny Pack Lyrics

Bandits – Fanny Pack Lyrics

As we walkin to the mall
People staring dropping jaws
Can't belive just what they saw
Two dudes with a fanny pack
Makin a phone call
So I ask him why you frontin
Don't you see my star wars button
He asked me what I got inside
And so I pulled out omtomise prime
What happened next he couldn't belive pokemon on dvd
Then he called me a little girl
I don't care I'm on top of the world

Cut me some slack
And get off of my back
It's called a fanny pack
Strap it up
Zip it up
Click up
Now were havin fun
And were lovin life
With our fanny packs
Summer time
All the time
Feelin fine

Check it

As we walkin to the school
People talkin like were fool
Don't you know were stinkin cool
Two dudes with fanny packs makin our own rules
As were flexong lookin fly
There's someone who caught our eye
There's somthing different I don't know why
Oh sweet lord it's a red head guy
Hi I'm daneil
Call me danny
And I'm sportin a hot pink fanny
I just moved here from montana
For lunch today I packed a banana
You guys are neat and supper smarty
Your both invited to my bierthday parite
You can hang we got your back
Well cruise around with our fanny packs
Instead of dose we are three
We are dancing around with glee
Nothin here that can steal our dreams
Listen up while the nation screams

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