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It's Alright Lyrics

Bandits – It's Alright Lyrics

If I were God I would do
All the things I'd like to do
I would never go to work
Or pay attention to some jerk
I would jump from every mountain
I would sail the seven seas
I would fly up in the sky
If God was me
If I were God I would see
All the things I never see
I would always be with you
And make all your dreams come true
I would fill your days with laughter
I would live a million years
We'd be happy ever after
They would never see our tears
Guess how wonderful it would be
If God was me
I would save the seals from dying
I would rip down all my chains
I would always stop your crying
And make sunshine when it rains
There won't be no thing as time
I would find the perfect rhyme
Everyone would love this song
There won't be no right or wrong
I'd uncover every liar
Talk to birds and walk on fire
Print my picture in the paper
I would have my private baker
How wonderful it would be
If God was me
How wonderful it would be
If God was me
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