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Time Is Now Lyrics

Bandits – Time Is Now Lyrics

When you're killed by your thoughts like a suicide
When you're a running for your life like in a marathon ride
When you're a longing for someone to keep you warm
When you don't know where's my hatred coming from

When it's over what will happen in case I'm dead
Go to hell - guess it's not to bad, it's not to bad
Take a shotgun, I will kill you until you die
Look inside me, try to find me and say good-bye

Is there still that need to fill
Are you there and do you care

Time is now - it's time to break the vow
Time is right - it's time to start the fight
Time is now - somewhere, someway, somehow
Break the vow - you tell me how, you tell me how

When you love it do you hate it getting into it
When you like it do you break it getting into it
When you loose it do you choose it to get used to it
When you fuck it do you suck it to get all of it

When you need it do you feel it getting trough you
If you don't get it - just hit it, you don't know what to do
Would you kill it just to chill it, get a new one
You think you rock it like a rocket and then you're done

Is there still that need to fill
Are you there and do you care

Time is now...

When you're burning like a fire in the desert sun
When explosions hit body while you're on the run
When you're screaming like a siren deep down in the sea
When you're asking for the reason why I'm here to be

Time is now...
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