A naked kid is singing
Up on the stage
He’s covered in paint and he’s barking about the human plague
I walk over to the bar
And I take a seat
Misanthropy can be so grating without a drink

Then I see you coming
Though a haze of sewer steam
Neon glowing in the night
Red words: Red Tide
Shining in your eyes

You come out of the cold
The cold follows you in
I’ve been waiting for an hour now but who’s counting
Lips mouthing hello
Dark circles ‘round your eyes
You sit down and I tuck my hand between your thighs

Tell me more about your hometown
The restaurants where you worked
The amusement park on the haunted lot
Your art friends who sucked each other off
For the rich man on the hill

Buying meth from the Doe Eyed Girl
Skinny-dipping in the desert heat
Coyote choirs howling from their traps
Your first love who got cut in half
From falling on the tracks
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Dark Circles Lyrics

Bambara – Dark Circles Lyrics