The night when I first saw you
Your skull made all the skin on your face shine
Skin pulled so tight
Dancing with dark eyes
Like holes as black as coal
As bright as night flickering out
I have become an ill son
Your love chewed right through the rope and chicken wire
Like a pulsing fire
When they see me now they see it too
Your cheekbones push glowing domes out of my chest
Translucent and red

I can’t sleep
I’m hurting

The night I saw you dancing
Your snakes went wild when I was told they’d be asleep
Hanging down to your feet
I knew that you’d be my red glow
My sickness grown out of the night flickering out

I can’t sleep
I’m hurting

Back then. Fresh tattoo on your wrist
When you told me that–

Your father feeds you feathers
While your mother feels the weather in her bones
It’s not the wind that moans
It’s deep within the forest
And the leaves that fall before us will be consumed
They know the rules

I can’t sleep
I’m burning
Ash falls out of my mouth
And you’re not here
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An Ill Son Lyrics

Bambara – An Ill Son Lyrics