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Sweet Lyrics

Azad – Sweet Lyrics

Taking off your jammies
Taking off your panties
Girl if you nervous, pop a xannie, close the curtains
Shit, I'm certain that I'll handle you just perfect
Lay yo' ass down baby, decline
Said you tryna bond well it's, deep time
Whole pack of mags we goin', three times
Wake up in the morning then we, rewind
Bitches hit my phone, i let you press de-cline
All up on my dick, I tell them bitches keep climbing
Nevermind them ladies baby you just keep grinding
Pussy so sweet, said that pussy so sweet
My banana split ya when I'm going so deep
Baby let me lick it put my tongue so deep
Baby let me lick it like a strawberry swisher
Damn that pussy so sweet, make that pussy go sleep

Straight to the pool, i'ma dive in ya
Your waters feeling holy and I hope that I drown in ya
On a mission with a loaded clip and a silencer
When I hit you it's kameh hameh, cause girl I got rounds for ya
Name another brother fly as me in my age bracket
I can tour at any given time girl I stay packing
Two or three bitches on my side that's a great habit
Trendsetter, by the time it hits, shit I'm way passed it
Baby girl you spicy, is you from Nawlins?
Yeah I know you like me, why you keep stalling
Sugar honey ice tea, your pussy keep calling
Begging me like pocket aces so I put it all in, she falling
The coldest spitta, I belong in the '90s and shit
Went from top ramen, to the top without rhyming about chains and drops
Now I'm in the spot, getting commas and shit
So keep your comments to yourself, A Right
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