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My Life Lyrics

Avias – My Life Lyrics

2 1 go

They be looking for action. um they satisfaction
In high school I wasn't good with my fractions
Didn't hang with the bullys wasn't good with the chiefs
Yo I seen straight right through em, and them niggaz was weak
Had a crazy past, but my life was a blast
Trying to walk in these shoes a lot of niggaz wouldn't last
Niggaz called me fag and the bitches was glad
Name wrapped around my city like interviews on vlad
But enough of the past, I'm a fucking soilder
When I drop these hot tracks, they hitting yall ass like they boulders
Told my mom don't worry, inboxed her with emojis
I'm so serious bout my career, but the rest of yall jokies
This an avias bar, yo this shit is from mars
So artistic on these niggaz like versace in cars
Like versace in cars, I'm so hot on these bars
Mix wayne, tupac, and drake aftermath I'm the cause

My life
My life
My life
My life
My li I I fe
My li I I fe
My li I I fe
My li I I fe

I remember it was chaotic, up and down like hydraulics
Life was really bad for me now I rap and I got it
Had a build a good foundation that was strong and so solid
Had a drop a couple friends didn't put cash in my wallet
Everywhere I go, they be like "how you doing"
I got the tea on em like wendy williams hot topics shooting
Swag ever so nice I pay a hefty price,
Made in china on home decor and a lot of rice
Sometimes I think to myself, I only got myself
Even tho I have a family, I'm all by myself
Everybody for themself taking all till none left
But with me they play this game right cause they know I'm the ref
Now all you bitches dance like I'm magic mike
This a crazy world we live in and I'm bout that life
I got crazy whip colors 50 shades of grey
I'm in love with my cars like romantic noveltayss

Chorus: (2x's)
My life
My life
My life
My life
My li I I fe
My li I I fe
My li I I fe
My li I I fe
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