Good morning lil jacob!
Today I want you to clean us this room, mow that yard
And make sure you straighten that kitchen up cause yo grandma coming over
Here today
And don't forget to download that new cd off line by avias what it's called
"hater nation"

Jacob: man ma you always coming in my room so early in the morning people
Be sleepy
And that cd called "feature presentation"

Mother: well I know one damn thing, this my house and I come in any room
Anytime I damn feel like it.
Hell I work to hard for you to lay around in the bed all day. Get up and
Clean up my house

(2 hours later)

Mother: jacob jacob jacob

Jacob: man what

Mother: it's yes ma'am and did you download that cd I told you to?

Jacob: I downloaded gucci man, plies, and some other random rappers off
Facebook and YouTube

Mother: boy now I know damn well you downloaded that cd I told you to! You
Get in there... And when tesha get off the computer download my cd boy hell
" I know what I want"

(30 mins later)

Mother: jacob where my cd at?

Jacob: they said that cd aint available or something, I don't know if he
Selling it now or haven't dropped it

Mother: dammit that's it I done had enough. Pack up cause you getting up out
Of my house you so rebellious

Jacob: I mean you finna move me out over a cd

Mother: you damn right, everytime I tell you to do something you sit on
Your ass and

Mother: I said download avias I meant what I said and I know what I want!
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I Know What I Want Lyrics

Avias – I Know What I Want Lyrics