All my thugs all my ladies better get your ears open
Talking teens, dope fienes, bout to leave yo ears smoking
She go all the way live but the people made it is dead
Mu-sic got lost in wonderland so off be with their heads
Hold on I'm moving to fast, so ima gone slow it down
Mama always told me take yo time don't look like a clown
So gone and fasten ya seat belts might have ya spinning around
I need your undivided attention and please don't make a sound

Okay, this city washed up and I aint talking bout lakeland
I'm talking tampa where the rappers drop music be faking
I took the talents out em like blockbuster hit taken
My lyrics go harder than city buildings in the making
8. 6. 3 be the areacode where I reside
When the goblins come out, there aint no where to hide
Where the thugs be bout they cash sitting all the brawls aside
We get the green, but with yall she go all the way live
They so scared of this song got them trying to guess the length
I hold it down for my hood M. L. K memorial and 10th
It's farewell to a lot of rappers gather under the tint
The only benefit is they don't have to worry bout rent
And any nigga want to battle uma send em home faster
Out em like channel 9 news giving forecasters
And when I come through yo town gone and prepare for disasters
Yall just some one hit wonders but they calling me lyric lasters

Chorus: (2x's)
They go dead ayyy
Cause avias seay don't play
These others rappers so sorry
We mourn their lost today

[Verse 2:]:
Don't play that tough boy shit gone and she'd some tears
R.I.P to all the rappers that were out this year
Don't stop keep talking out the mouth haters yall are animals
Realize I roll with crazy bout that life killers and cannibals
Go to the warehouse in lakeland chestnut woods around the curve
I rep em all from dakota to providence reserve
I drop these lines like art pieces gone ahead and observe
So you aint with me then I gotta hit the beamer and swerve
Now I got these rappers glued to the edge of their seats
Like middle school cause I'm a bully they wondering can they beat
Yall can test me to the max but I'm begging don't cheat
A lot of yall clone a couple lines think yall can defeat
I got the kids tuned in uma a box of trix
Got the grown ups happy for new music I'm gonna fix
Only time tells have a seat and watch the clock tick
Cause there is no more searching for that when this is it

Chorus: (2x's)
They go dead ayyy
Cause avias seay don't play
These others rappers so sorry
We mourn their lost today
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They Go Dead Lyrics

Avias – They Go Dead Lyrics