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Every Rapper Diss Lyrics

Avias – Every Rapper Diss Lyrics

Destroyed, that's a hell of a way to start this track
And yes I'm pointing fingers yall wont retaliate back
I just gotta keep it real a lot of you rappers wack
I don't have to call no names just step to the back
Late night got off work YouTube loading tracks
Niggaz talking shooting, killing. Stop lying out yo ass
Yall weaker than a faggot taking it up his ass
Trying to pack all yall shows don't ask me cause I'll pass
Meanwhile got the kids they log on they pc
It's only few real rappers left they download my mp3's
On they face see a cheese
They ready for yall to sieze
Real recognize real I be like nigga please
I don't wait for promoters I got goals to achieve
Like I told yall lames before my music spread like desease
Against the law to make dumb tracks I run in studios like freeze
Cause it's a cold cold world and if you lame that's you b
Don't come for collabos cause no they aint free
Yall try so freaking hard, to get yall lyrics at a start,
I'm letting yall know all my regards, got problem with me take it to god
I hope yall know a couple churchs, I put yall flow in hurses
Don't hope for a chance don't take em to nurses
I came in like doctor doom no need to start birthing

Man it's ridiculous how easy this shit is
Da nemesis yall already know
Couldn't have been nobody else
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