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My Fairytale Lyrics

Avias – My Fairytale Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you
A magical story of wands dragons and a young noble musician on his way to
And the sirens sang (4X's)
Avias seay presents "my fairytale"
Once upon a time in a small sunny village
Deep down in the country way past lots of mills and
There stood a cobble stone cement built house
Away fled poverty not even a mouse
A musician lived but not your ordinary
He was far better than the others lyrics was contrary
So other musicians sent out memo across the land
That avias needed to cut off his hands
Cause they hated the swagger and all of the above
The fact he wrote his own lyrics and got a lot of love
And his persona was nice graceful as a dove
But he had many haterz life was so tough
So he set out to leave the land adventure he embarked
Leading him to the ocean pitch black dark
Layed there on the sand and cried to hisself
Three beautiful sirens swimmed up to his help

This is an avias fairytale (to beat) (4x's)

Beautiful blond hair emerald green eyes
Gorgeous bone structure avias surprised
These enchanted sirens asked avias "what's wrong"
He said "villians hating on me cause I write my own songs"
They said it's "its okay your naturally talented"
Tell em spice up their lyrics they will then be valided
Don't come with the violence drugs and sin
The sirens gave avias a gift he surely would win
They sang ooohhh
They said ooohhh
They sung ooohhh
They sing ooohhh
From that day on everything had changed
They blessed avias with ability of fame
Now fighting villians came so easy and bold
And destroying dragons took home all the gold

And you see ladies and gentlemen avias became a very famous musician and
Went on through life
With the gift of the sirens and was well known to the public in the village
Of lakeland
And well... as for the others... well... there's is no others avias keep
Slaying them he's a warrior I mean a gladiator something like zelda I tell
You LOL!
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