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I Control My Life Lyrics

Avias – I Control My Life Lyrics

I control my life
I control my life

First off I'm a rockstar, came here make yall jam
But it's just this one thing yall gotta understand
I control my life everything I that I do
Forget the opinions I follow my own rules
Yo it's 2012 first name avias seay does it ring a bell
Lyric game so hot like the deepest hell
And yo boy so fly like urgent delivered mail
Anyways tired of the worlds opinion on things
I control my life, like fingers on guitar strings
These niggas make me sick, so sick to my pelvis
Make me wanna leave rock just like elvis
And it's time to wrap it up, and haters yall can have it
Uma rock this world just like lenny kravitz
If I see a check then a nigga gonna grab it
Forget my past, drop it like a bad habit

I control my life
I control my life

[Verse 2:]:
Nothing never is perfect
I can't satisfy my self, so why would I try to satisfy people that really
Don't care
Tired of the criticism, and the strangers when they stare
Can I just be free and get the hatred off my hair
If I want to party sun up and down
That is just my choice, and I don't need you around
It is my life like gwen stefani said, mlk fought for our rights and now he
Is dead
If I want to sky dive, chug till I choke
I don't need your okay, I don't need your vote
I control my life like channels on a remote
Or the steering when I set sail on a boat
People nowadays got the whole thing twisted
Like the wrong, missing victim listed
Think they control my life and choice
I'm standing up for the ones that don't have voice

I control my life
I control my life

Here we go here we go here we go again
Round and round and round and round my friend
Now the harassment start when is it gonna end
I been doing this rap shit 2010
Ladies if you got a man, yo a man that wont let you be what you can
Tell that nigga good bye cause it's your life
Cut that tension like a sharp stainless steel knife
Fellas if you got a girl that's holding you down,
Even got ya family where they wont come around, let her go so fast like the
Speed of sound, turn that evil smiling face into a frown
And my choices change they change with the wind
I don't hang with the fluke, flop, fake, lames friends
I just want the judgement from my haters to end
But who cares anyways I'm just here to win

I control my life
I control my life
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