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U Da Shit Girl Lyrics

Avias – U Da Shit Girl Lyrics

Now gon head bitch, get to twerking yo ass
All my big booty judys, get to working yall ass
And if a bitch feeling froggy put that hurt in that ass
And if a bitch try to dog you, get to murking they ass

This avias yall newest rapper, bringing yall hits
Yes it's tae bae bae and tampa tony, but this shit
Aint got no type but bad bitches off in this club
If you know you bad raise yo hand, come fuck with a thug

This bitch so bad call her princess jasmine
She so fly, a magic carpet, and um fucking aladdin
Red bottoms on her shoes, she don't play by the rules
Yall better cuff yall mans, if you snooze you loose

Bitches got they body suits on, call em hero (3x's)
I got a fucking wad cash got a ton of zeros
From lakeland to tampa all dis shit is fire
Planet mars bringin bars, building fucking empires

Now sojo invented it, but I did it better
Thick bitches in club, aint no need for a sweater
Put a shake in that ass, I think I like it wetter
And I want the baddest bitch, I aint gone fucking settle

Now ah ah ah bitch you doing it right
Drop it down to the floor, bring it up iight
U da shit, shaking ass, like it aint no more
Ass clapping everywhere, bitch you shook the floor

Bitch you shook the floor, bitch you shook the floor
Bitch you goddamn mother fucking shook the floor
Ass clapping, thick thighs, and I want some more
Cash flapping, quick rise, I threw it on the floor

Any bitch think they better put em in they place
You don't see no competition cause you winning this race
So impressed by yo ass, and that smirk on you face
All these nigga wanna do is chase, chase, chase, chase
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