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Don't Judge Me Lyrics

Avias – Don't Judge Me Lyrics

Don't judge me
Just love me

Yo, I'm tired of these people
I'm tired of this garbage
They always feeding off me and then they leave me starving
Everything I do I'm so sick of being judged
Avias took naked pictures, body covered fudge
So when I die what are yall gonna indulge
Maybe some will cry but the others one can fold
I'm the one looking out everyone look in
Questioning my why did he's but don't know the beginning
I done been through so much fucking shit in my life
People treating me wrong, when I treat em right
Can yall please stop talking and just let me have my life
Let god be the judge he know if I'm living right
If I want to take a thousand pics, then that's just my life
Some of yall just so addicted, be dreaming of me at night
Let my soul rest on earth in peace and me shine my light
It's like I'm in a sea of sharks, and can't even give my fight

Don't judge me
Just love me

[Verse 2:]:
Am I entitled to anything, can I have nice stuff
Yall burning raging devils wont stop till you get enough
First he was gay, now he is tough
Look at what he wearing, said he was drinking what
I'm just so tired and it got my brain wired
If I work for yall, then get rid of me, fired
A bunch of fake friends, and the half yall are liars
My life consist of drama, hipocrites, vampires
Some of yall come around when you got nothing going
Oneday you my friend then the next hate you showing
I don't have time for those silly games and stuff
Jealousy, enviness, and a friendship rough
Let me spread my wings to some extravagant things
A movie by myself, out shopping, and golden rings
Judge me all yall want, but please don't forget yall past
Go ahead, log on, facebook me, blast

Don't judge me
Just love me
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