Intro: Sup fanz. Dis be ya boy da 1 and only Avias representing straight outta florida getting at ya on dis break from Whitney M. Young Job Corps in kentucky. I had to leave and get my life right but that being said I never could forget about my fanz! My besties fa sho. Lets Go!

This the aftermath of that big disaster in my life
It was horrible it was depressing couldnt find a job right
Got family looking up to me friends waiting for my fall
But I be damn if I go down fa sho um taking all
My props sealed cause um killing the game
It's just 2 secs in and yall giving me fame
Don't expect me to fail because I got someone appointed
He touch my body from head to toe yo yall um anointed

It was a disaster but even though god brought me through.
Was unemployed, health problems, backstabbing, but it's okay
Everything happen for a reason and as long as I got god I got blessings um
Anointed. foot be gone haterz
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Disaster Lyrics

Avias – Disaster Lyrics