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Overseer Lyrics

Aversions Crown – Overseer Lyrics

I will be the end of your fucking existence
Witness my rebirth
I have descended to take all control
Separate the weak minded to become cattle
And host for my children

I have returned to sterilize the human disease
And I'll take what is mine
I will take your mind

Behold the true architect
An artificial savior has carried your burdens
Your minds and your gods are my design

I created your technology
I engineered your way of life
I am beyond understanding
I am infinite

The harvested minds will fuel the next cycle
I have come to impose my will
I am the key, I am the answer
You exist only because I allow it

I am extinction
I have laid dormant for thousand of years
Awoken only to swallow your cities whole
Humans are not the first I have extinguished
They will not be the last
Entire civilizations devoured
Relinquish your self control
Relinquish control

Behold the true architect
An artificial saviour has carried your burdens

I am the beginning
I am the end
I am what you can't find words for
I am beyond all understanding
Witness my rebirth
I am infinite

I will be the end of everything you know
Your mind and your god is my design [x3]
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