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Stillborn Existence Lyrics

Aversions Crown – Stillborn Existence Lyrics

Isolation has begun
Tearing at my soul
As I watch these events unfold

Humanity was reborn
Demodulated, the hybrid scorn
Kneeling before their saviour's throne
While it claims the omniverse as its home

Celestial entity of abandoned hope
Dancing to the cries of its hideous devolutionists
These demoralists, false liberationists
Inbreeding precursors of this stillborn existence

The endless chant echoes
'Please brother return to me
So we may be complete'

My fractured being dismantled
Forever incomplete
Begging for the unison
Of the evil that I once contained

Cries, endless cries
Echoing through my lucid mind
Taunting that they'll stop when I return from the abhorrent night
Lies, lord of lies
Split tongues convincing ignorant minds
Return me to the peace that I so quickly purged in sacrifice

Walking upon this throne of cries
Mammalian skinned organs infused together
Forming a kingdom of human flesh
Drenched in the blood of virgins' innocence

The masses of human servants kneel
In praise of our unison
In praise of revocation
I have cried for the nexus to save this world
But my tears have gone unanswered
Abandoned by god
Abandoned by hope
Nothing of value remains here

Slipping into darkness

Incisions open the torso of this being crawling forth into the wound
Sewn within its organs drowning in fluids, digestive acids
As I dissolve into nothing but a mass of incomplete essence
Digested and transfused, we are now complete, you will become me
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