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Parasites Lyrics

Aversions Crown – Parasites Lyrics

Humanity will bleed
Under my hateful wrath
Weeping as I crush your species
Such malignant reign will be removed from history
Purged from the earth
Extinction of man

Branding their planets with fluorescent lights
Structures of malicious design
Infecting the living with prodromal blight
Seeping poison into the night

Observing as they bathe in greed
Raping the land to feed their needs
A vermin complex will forever corrode
The universe before their throne

Spreading like cancer
They must be erased

I was born to cleanse the omniverse
Of malevolent species
Forged within the stasis of the void
The extinction being

My colossal shadow overrides the sun
Culling vermin one by one
Siphoning bodies into the sky
Stealing the last breath of humankind
Into the night
Where the darkness eats everything it hides
Mass genocide
The only solution for this human disease

The end of man
At the grasp of my hands
Cleansing the universe
Exonerate the earth from human scum

Spreading like cancer
They must be erased

I am the extinction being
I am death
Destroyer of man
Cleanser of worlds
I am the god of extinction
I am your god [x4]
(I am your god) [x4]
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