They told me, follow your heart your soul
Forget bout playing your part, this is the life you control (2x)
We all start with this life thing, first breath
Eyes serve us, to determine a purpose
Scared of what the future might bring, nervous
It’s your guess, and thinking’s the first step
What’s worse death or living, it seems this world is unforgiving
What’s the point of this game we joint? Get rich man?
Or get written off, by the ones who doubt it
Meaning the ones without a means, that just ain’t about it
These thoughts get crowded, ain’t enough room for hating people
Who cannot grow, only know low so, they are not my equals
Unique souls expand due to troubled nature
Awake or stay asleep forever let your reaper become your savior
Goals diminish, overtime you find complacency
We cannot be certain bout the outcome nothing safe in the
Hands of a beginner, the heart of a sinner
Or the mind of a man who’s doomed to leave the way he entered
Time is interrupted, ain’t had enough yet
Don’t cuff it, it’s infinite, we are just the subjects
Of thoughts manifested, the universe collected
Pieces to the puzzle and scattered for us to re-erect it
A select set, of chosen ones who know the truth
About the limitless set of options that one’s mind can execute
Our hearts polluted by negatives, and what cannot be done
By the what ifs, maybes and mainly the how comes
About none, refocus attention on what’s first at hand
Stand up and be a man bout yours no matter how you land
The plan, for us to rise as one shall soon be recognized
Exercise your mind, body and soul to mold an enterprise
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They Told Me Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – They Told Me Lyrics