Black doves, white crows, see what the truth about what we know
You see it’s white crows, black doves, what is it of to come from up above (2x)
(Verse 1 – A. Tone Da Priest)
The pleasure of the kill, the fear of commitment
The certainty of death, the protest of being innocent
And intimate with one we’d rather be one till were done
All alone embrace unknown, and mistake evil deeds for fun
You’d think we’d come so far but really stepping backwards our progression
Replacing faith with knowledge, forgetting old lessons
Oh what a blessing, prey for selfish needs this greed sustain us
The poor feed the rich, while entertaining all us
Cause pain is pleasure, struggling makes you better
And we got expirations yet change predictably like weather
As if were here forever, sheep directing trendsetter
Time lender, collecting debts on your life see you’re a spender
Main offender, the one that got away, focused attention, my mind is in the way
Speak loud with none to say, prey without Christ to obey
Engaged to doom, it’ll all end soon now any century
(Verse – Sean Spellz)
I know it’s seeming like some actors worship Satan
Kill their careers we don’t give a fuck
We just blow smoke around joke around, we in the south
We don’t Satan, my nigga we say tin (ten)
Pissed on a lodge that the building for the masons
And the fuck bitches from the Travel Lodge to the Day’s Inn
The Super 8, you think this is trash, complete opposite from my producer take
In the game man ya’ll so late, want to upgrade yourself I say use this tape
And the verses, to help you get your cake
I need a chick that gets more fine, over time like Ricki Lake
Most birds stick to me I shake, on to the next chicken who ain’t bitching
Bout the shit I’m pitching, just one being still tripping off the shit I was hitting
Still ain’t done seen
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Black Doves, White Crows Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – Black Doves, White Crows Lyrics