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The Procrastinator Lyrics

Arno Rush – The Procrastinator Lyrics

Twisted in your own philosophy, nothing but hypocrisy
Going somewhere in life, covered with nothing but strife
Talk about your goals, your testimony filled with holes
Looking at the past falling into the dust,
Your mind nothing more than painted rust

Claiming that your deeds are good, never doing what you should
Who do you think you are, now you've gone too far
Superficial liar, filled with false desire
Going for the fire, trying to get higher
Speak of victory, words contradictory,
Procrastinator, the man with no memory!
Procrastinator, the man with no memory!

Knowledge and words, not enough, action must apply
Instead, on others you rely
Empty promises and dreams, manipulate the word it seems,
Always having a vision, yet can't make a simple decision
Make up your mind,
Before the hell waiting, makes you blind
Times are tough, will you finally say enough?
It’s very clear, you've got nothing left to fear!

Success, you must draw near, achieve the purpose the heavens hold dear
Endless streams of words, heard throughout the years,
Resulting in a dark river of tears
Playing a game with demon casters
One cannot serve two masters!
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